Hello, I’m Peg Thompson. Welcome. I’ve long been fascinated with how people think about and create a sense of personal legacy, and how they tell the stories of their lives. That’s what led me to become a personal historian/life story writer. You can learn more about my work at my website, http://www.yourstorycounts.com.

My goal is to give practical suggestions and exercises to help you tell your story–whether you hire me or another personal historian, or write it yourself. I hope to help you deepen the way you tell your story, so that it expresses the “truth” of your life beyond the simple timelines and facts.

I’ll also tell some of the stories of my own life, past and present, and share experiences gleaned from personal conversation, blogs, and books. And just for good measure, I’ll add some reflections about age and aging, wisdom, spiritual development in later life, and probably some other things I find myself thinking about as we go along.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll share your comments, experiences, memories, thoughts, and stories.


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