Millions leave a legacy




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No one can predict the future. All we can do is choose our contribution

to the circumstances which help shape the future.

Don Michael

Last night I attended a precinct caucus. It was complete chaos at first because there were at least two thousand people at a function that’s normally lucky to attract two hundred. The line outside the school reminded me of the serpentine lines at Denver International Airport. When we finally got in, the halls were gridlocked. Some people where looking at maps on the walls to figure out what precinct they were in, and what room their precinct would be meeting in. Others (like me) knew their precinct, but didn’t know the school–so directions to the lunchroom or the mini-theater weren’t at all helpful.

When I finally found the lunchroom, it too was packed. But slowly groups organized by precincts and precinct residents began to sign in. And at last the business began.

We all spent a lot of time standing around. At one point I looked out over those hundreds of people and thought, “I wonder if any of them are thinking right now about what a difference they are making? Do they realize they are part of a dramatic revitalization of our political system? When they think about “making a difference” will they count this night?”

Most of us won’t make a difference in any dramatic way. We won’t spend our lives living with the poor, or teaching inner-city children, or adopting special needs children, for example. Yet we will have a legacy of small choices, built up through every day of our lives. Going to a primary caucus on a winter night in 2008 is one of them.

Reflection starter:

At the end of the day sometime this week, review your day. Look for the tiny ways you received from others–a smile, help with a work project, a listening ear, for example. Then look for the tiny ways others received from you. Did your life shift at all from these encounters? Did your mood change? Did you learn something? Did you understand someone (or feel understood by someone) in some small way? Did you get a new idea? Did you find some new compassion for yourself or others? This is how legacy happens–moment by moment, choice by choice.

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One Comment on “Millions leave a legacy”

  1. Wenda Says:

    I like this reflection starter. Recently, I’ve been reflecting on the idea of what contributions I’ve made during the day to my own life and the lives of others. Tonight I’ll broaden the reflection to included some of your questions. Thanks.

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